GREEN to CLEAN PROJECT GREEN to CLEAN PROJECT AUG.2012 Water purification “golf” balls. Each ball that drops into the water makes the river happier. Here’s a fun way to help clean our rivers.
The Switchees -- Save Power, Save Japan! The Switchees -- Save Power, Save Japan! JAN.2012 It’s not easy to constantly remember to go easy on energy use, and turn devices off when we should. Enter The Switchees, a group of mascot characters created to remind us to switch the power off!
Setsu-den-kyu Setsu-den-kyu JUN.2011 The setsu-den-kyu candle is shaped like a conventional incandescent light-bulb, and designed to burn for 24 hours. As it consumes itself, one gets a sense of just how much electricity its use has saved.
PresenGo -- Buzzword bingo PresenGo -- Buzzword bingo JUL.2010 iPhone app that turns presentation into a game.
BITE YOU! BITE YOU! MAY.2010 Be fan, inside the stadium, and outside too!