GOOD JAPAN INNOVATION GOOD JAPAN INNOVATION DEC.2017 Combining the techniques and methods of traditional Japanese arts and crafts with the art direction abilities of Dentsu, GOOD JAPAN INNOVATION set out to create new product designs. In this project, the workshops and craftspeople who carry on the techniques and skills of traditional arts and crafts were visited by art directors from the Kansai region, who brought with them ideas of their own, crea
GREEN to CLEAN PROJECT GREEN to CLEAN PROJECT AUG.2012 Water purification “golf” balls. Each ball that drops into the water makes the river happier. Here’s a fun way to help clean our rivers.
The Switchees -- Save Power, Save Japan! The Switchees -- Save Power, Save Japan! JAN.2012 It’s not easy to constantly remember to go easy on energy use, and turn devices off when we should. Enter The Switchees, a group of mascot characters created to remind us to switch the power off!
Setsu-den-kyu Setsu-den-kyu JUN.2011 The setsu-den-kyu candle is shaped like a conventional incandescent light-bulb, and designed to burn for 24 hours. As it consumes itself, one gets a sense of just how much electricity its use has saved.
PresenGo -- Buzzword bingo PresenGo -- Buzzword bingo JUL.2010 iPhone app that turns presentation into a game.
BITE YOU! BITE YOU! MAY.2010 Be fan, inside the stadium, and outside too!