The Switchees -- Save Power, Save Japan!


It’s not easy to constantly remember to go easy on energy use, and turn devices off when we should. Enter The Switchees, a group of mascot characters created to remind us to switch the power off!

Energy-saving has long been a priority in Japan, but the stakes got dramatically higher in 2011.
Everyone knew what needed doing.
The problem is, it's easy in the course of a busy, hectic day to forget and,
for example, to exit a room having forgotten to turn of the air conditioner or lights.

The job: make the switches hard to overlook or ignore.
The solution: The Switchees, an energy-saving group of bright,
hard-to-miss mascot characters who live on switchplates.

The mascots adhere to all manner of switchplates with their free-size "mouths."
But they are powerless without our help: they cannot do the work themselves,
and so need our aid in turning the power off. They're fun, they're positive, they're non-accusative!

Adhesive characters that fit electrical switchplates.
Glow in the dark.

uted plasticfile foldersfeaturing The Switchee characters
to some 1.2 million elementary school students
in the Kansai(Osaka/Kyoto/Shiga/Hyogo/Nara/Wakayama) area.
They instantly became a hit among children.