Social Suika-wari


"Social Suika-wari System" enables suika-wari to be played using social media.

"Suika-wari" refers to a traditional Japanese game in which a blindfolded person
tries to locate a watermelon (suika in Japanese) by listening to the directions
given by people nearby and then attempts to break the watermelon open with a long stick.

SSS enables suika-wari to be played using social media.
It utilizes a social networking service (SNS) to enable people in remote locations
to provide directions to a person wearing a head-mounted display (HMD) as a blindfold.

Since SSS is a simple system that provides insights into the opinions of Internet users
through the medium of visual information, it has the potential to be utilized
for a broad range of promotions, including real-time voting during events,
content that provides hints from Internet-based opinions,
and Internet user opinion surveys during live broadcasts.


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