Social Suika-wari Social Suika-wari JAN.2013 "Social Suika-wari System" enables suika-wari to be played using social media.
Air TypeLighter Air TypeLighter DEC.2012 “Air TypeLighter” Drone is an active messaging system that illustrates your thoughts into light from as it flies.
MOVINGPRINTLAB.COM MOVINGPRINTLAB.COM JUL.2012 What is"Print runs on three primary colors"? Looking at moving the film of the three primary colors of light blue, green and red, the image was processed for printing special move, According to the movement that moves. Flip book of movement is basically three pieces. Although there are as long as the frame, the movement that can be expressed as soon as your imagination. Technology is of infinite p
Setsu-denpo Setsu-denpo APR.2011 Setsu-denpo is a web-based messaging concept that makes saving electricity fun.