Advertising in Japan's Kansai region is distinguished by eloquent visual and verbal wit, and a certain straightforward freshness. Consisting of art directors at Dentsu West Japan, Dentsu Design Ninja lets you tap the talents of high-profile creatives working in the Kansai area today.Our work is at the leading edge in advertising, product development, store development, promotions, character design, and content development.
We are seasoned and efficient, and deliver fluent, think-outside-the-box ideas that connect. Through Dentsu Design Ninja, we can do this for you.

Setsu-den-kyu Setsu-den-kyu JUN.2011 The setsu-den-kyu candle is shaped like a conventional incandescent light-bulb, and designed to burn for 24 hours. As it consumes itself, one gets a sense of just how much electricity its use has saved.
Setsu-denpo Setsu-denpo APR.2011 Setsu-denpo is a web-based messaging concept that makes saving electricity fun.
Tokyo Marathon 2010 T-shirt Project - "Designs make running more fun" Tokyo Marathon 2010 T-shirt Project - "Designs make running more fun" NOV.2010 Connecting runners and Asics, using the largest open-entry marathon event in Japan to introduce bold designs in a new running collection.
PresenGo -- Buzzword bingo PresenGo -- Buzzword bingo JUL.2010 iPhone app that turns presentation into a game.
BITE YOU! BITE YOU! MAY.2010 Be fan, inside the stadium, and outside too!
Maison de Ccessur shoe repair shop Maison de Ccessur shoe repair shop MAY.2010 Exterior and interior design of Maison de Ccessur shoe repair shop, in San-no-miya City, Hyogo Prefecture